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Community First Aiders Call-down List

The BWVCT is circulating a list of people who are willing to respond to first aid incidents in our village and in some cases be contactable DAY or NIGHT to retrieve the defibrillator.   Please make sure you keep the leaflet that has been distributed throughout the village in a prominent position!

Please remember if the incident is serious to call 999 first!  In the case of a cardiac arrest/heart attack and you are more than 200 yards from the defibrillator, the 999 centre will NOT direct you there.  We urge you to make your own emergency plans with friends, neighbours or one of the contacts from our call-down list who will retrieve it for you if needed.  You should not, nor would you want to, leave a loved one if they are suffering a cardiac arrest!


  • Weston Street   – 3 names
  • Church Hill  – 2 names
  • Sheperds Hill  – 1 name
  • Shave Hill  – 1 name
  • Shutes Lane  – 1 name
  • Caggypole/Rodgrove/Pelsham  – 1 name

For more information or a printed copy of the list, please contact Vicky direct or via our Contact Page.

A successful First Aid course!

BWVCT organised a low cost certificated Community First Aid course in the village hall to help village members cope with emergencies until an ambulance arrives.   Skills learnt included helping someone choking, the recovery position for unconscious patients, and use of our defibrillator whilst another aider performs CPR.

The photos show some of the choking procedures and Jenny managed so well you can see the popper from the practice harness  – great shooting Wendy with your camera!

Thanks to Guardian Advisors who provided excellent training and all who attended left feeling rather more confident in their actions if they were required!